About Us

This is the home of brands that we feel have the feel good factor. Feeling good matters as it is so closely aligned to physical and mental health. The selection, purchase and use of products that make us feel good improves our sense of self-esteem and wellbeing. The brands on this site are chosen because they have high feel-good standards in terms of quality, health benefits, environmental responsibility, ethical awareness and customer service.

So here you will find our selection of the best feel-good brands, some you will already know but we believe are deserving of still greater recognition. Others are those we first discovered in research for Supply & Buy, our annual trade event, that brings together the founders and distributors of many of the most exciting developing beauty and accessory products with leading UK retailers.

The launch of FeelGoodMatters means that we can now present these exciting new brands to you - often before they are available elsewhere. We are also concerned with promoting organisations and services that exist to help people feel good and so on this site you will also find information and links to help provide answers to the beauty, health and wellbeing concerns that matter to you.

We strongly support current legislation that forbids animal testing of cosmetic products in Europe, but we go further by not stocking cosmetic products tested on animals in order to comply with laws still prevailing in other countries worldwide.

New brands will be continuously added to the site as will information relevant to all those interested in healthy lifestyle products - so please do bookmark us for frequent return visits. FeelGoodMatters is managed by Miranda Jones BSc, a private nutritional consultant, and Jonathan Charles who has many years experience of working with brands in this sector.