During the Day

During the day skin is largely at rest. Its sole function is protection; the skin is there to keep out irritants and microbial invaders and to keep in vital moisture. While we are moving through the world our skin’s only physiological function is sebum(oil) production, helping with barrier function.

      • 9 AM : Cell renewal is minimal. Metabolic activity is focused on the muscles and heart. The supply of oxygen and nutrients to the skin is at its lowest level. Skin requires very gentle cleansing and optimal protection.
      • 10AM: The body temperature is at its highest and the skin appears at its best.
      • 11AM: The sebaceous glands are increasingly active. The skin can become shiny as a result.
      • 12PM: The skin is not prepared for cell division and renewal.
      • 1PM:Blood pressure and hormone levels drop, wrinkles may be particularly visible at this time.
      • 3PM: The sweat glands are at their most active, the rising adrenaline level also activates the sebaceous glands which can give the face a visible shine. 4PM: The micro circulation improves. This is a good time for a facial workout. With masks, optimal hydration of the skin is achieved more rapidly.
      • 5PM: The skin enters its regenerative phase indicated by the shedding of dead cells. Towards 5pm, evening cleansing gently removes these dead cells together with the day’s accumulation of environmental pollutants and metabolic waste. During the Night While we are resting, our skin is hard at work. Once the sun sets, your skin is biologically programmed to perform its natural night time functions of self-cleansing, balancing oil production, cellular renewal and excreting wastes and excess water through the pores.

    • 8PM: The skin focuses more on internal activity and the pain threshold rises. From 8pm eyebrow plucking and depilitation are least painful.
    • 11PM: The deposition to inflammatory reactions is at its height. Micro-organisms and pathogens removed from the body. The immune system appears to be linked to sleep. Towards 11pm, water based-based oil-free night care will not interfere with these processes
    • 12AM-2AM: Cell regeneration is at its peak. Between 12 midnight and 2am Rhythmic conditioners and intensive treatments are most effective because they support this phase.
    • 11PM-4AM: The cells divide eight times more often than any other time in the day. Between 11pm and 4am it is even more important that nightly metabolic processes are not hindered by oily skin care products, but are supported by water-based oil-free products.