Plant based proteins will help you boost your metabolism and help to repair and build muscle while also helping to balance blood sugar levels. There is a growing number of vegetarian and vegan athletes who prove they can reach optimum condition without consuming meat. Tennis superstar Venus Williams, world-famous boxer Mike Tyson and legendary Olympic athlete Carl Lewis, are all achieving this through plant proteins such as tofu, beans and nuts together with complex carbohydrates.

Whey, soya and casein are the most common protein shakes, but for many Pea Protein and Hemp Protein are their preferred choices as they are both 100% plant based. Which one would be the best for you in terms of benefits, but also, very importantly, taste?

Pea Protein

Pea protein has a very good amino acid profile. Unlike whey, pea protein is naturally low in cholesterol and fat, it is also more concentrated. Its great advantage is that it doesn’t cause bloating and is easily digested. Pea Protein has around 20g of protein per serving which will contribute to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.


Pea Protein has a mild, neutral flavour and is very smooth; blending easily with other ingredients. It can easily be sweetened with a little fruit.

Hemp Protein

Hemp is one of the most complete proteins in the plant kingdom. It also has the added benefit of containing a perfect ratio (3:1) of omega 3 to omega 6 essential fatty acids. Hemp is also an excellent source of GLA, a fatty acid that helps with PMT, menopause, skin conditions and arthritis as it has excellent anti-inflammatory benefits. Hemp is also high in vitamin E. It contains around 15g of protein per serving which will contribute to a growth and maintenance in muscle mass.


Hemp has a nutty flavour which works well in smoothies and also is a great addition to brownies or homemade protein bars. It is not quite as smooth as pea protein, but still blends well in smoothies.

Plant Proteins Plant protein powder, such as chia, quinoa, nuts, seeds, soya etc, is dehydrated food and therefore it is important to blend for about 3 minutes in liquid. Plant protein is great for building muscle, burning fat and boosting heart health. Both Pea and Hemp are high in fibre and help to reduce sugar cravings and so are very beneficial in weight loss.

You can create your own smoothie drinks with pea protein, adding fruit, greens, peanut butter or raw cacao.You may like some of the delicious protein smoothies from Amazing Grass and Rejuvenated with added super nutrition. Spirulina, Moringa and blends such as those found in Nature’s Living Superfood, KIKI Health or Terranova’s Life Drink also contain good levels of protein that may well meet your needs, while providing a great general nutritional boost.