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Drasanvi is a Spanish company that, after 23 years leading the natural dietary supplements industry thanks to its high quality products, has become a clear reference in health, beauty and wellness. High quality and innovation of its products is the key of the success of the company.

Drasanvi's Active Natural Supplements

Drasanvi has its own R & D team that includes biologists, chemists and nutritionists that research for new formulas, optimise the mixes of ingredients and analyse the best way to extract natural active ingredients (sourced from plants, fruits and minerals).

Drasanvi's goal is to make the most the properties and benefits of ingredients, always under the highest quality, security and efficiency standards, analysing the critical points of control and under good manufacturing practices policies.

Drasanvi is a strong believer in research, often working with universities and other learned establishments to create innovative new products.

Drasanvi supports several athletes, such as professional tennis player and Olympic champion Rafa Nadal, as it identifies itself with his values of constancy, effort and self-improvement.

Drasanvi's Ethically Produced Products

The company takes its environmental responsibilities extremely seriously and all Drasanvi products are manufactured using natural and organic raw materials derived from renewable resources. Paper for its packaging, for example, is sourced in accordance with the Chain of Supply certification scheme run by Forests For All Forever (FSC).

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