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Kimberly Sayer

Kimberly Sayer UK is rapidly becoming one of the most sought after natural and organic brands in the country. Kimberly’s award-winning products are a true fusion of organic beauty and science. Her passion and dedication to organic skincare have been fuelled by her upbringing on an organic farm. Her background lies in physics, chemistry and biology, all of which support her dedication to natural skincare.

The Kimberly Sayer of London collection features organic skin care products including the popular Kimberly Sayer Ultra Light Facial Moisturizer SPF 30.

Her expertise and unique organic skin care products have gained an impressive following from celebrities such as Paula Abdul, Ione Skye and Shalom Harlow as well as top authorities in the green beauty industry.

Vegan & Chemical Free

All Kimberly Sayer natural skin care products are gentle, vegan and chemical-free and are based on the theories of ancient alchemists. Kimberly Sayer products are created using only the finest, organically grown and steam distilled ingredients including alfalfa extract, shea butter, sea buckthorn, rosemary leaf extract and rare foraha seed oil from Madagascar as well as cold-pressed, pure essential oils including blue tansy flower jasmine and bisabolol wood oil. All products in the Kimberly Sayer range are gentle and chemical free and are green and socially responsible. They are free from nano-technology, parabens and petrochemicals, certified organic and certified by Ecocert and are free from any animal testing.

Antioxidants & Pseudocollagen

Her products also contain organic anti-oxidants such as beach bud extract, and powerful anti-aging botanicals, including her patented ingredient Plant Pseudocollagen that mimics collagen in skin and is used in Hydrating Anti-Oxidant Facial Mask and Cellular Extract Eye Lift Gel.

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