Marcus Rohrer Spirulina

With over 100 nutrients and the full spectrum of minerals this is the perfect natural supplement for energy, performance, skin and immunity. It is a great source of iron and B12 for vegetarians and vegans.

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This top quality spirulina has over 100 nutrients and the full spectrum of minerals.Using Marcus Rohrer Spirulina® you ‘fill-up’ every day with an extra portion of sun energy, for a healthy and active life. The perfect natural supplement for energy, wellbeing, performance, skin and immunity.

It is an excellent source of iron and is an ideal vegetable source of bio-active vitamin B12. Spirulina is also an extremely rich source of carotenoid antioxidants such as beta carotene (provitamin A) and zeaxanthin.

If you take Marcus Rohrer’s Spirulina® regularly, you will notice a change in your energy levels after one to three weeks. The results differ from person to person and obviously depend on your condition. You will, in any case, feel as if you have a head start, but you should always remember to eat properly, exercise regularly, get enough fresh air, and sleep well.

Spirulina is a purely natural source of food. Therefore you can not become addicted to it or have withdrawal symptoms.You may take it all year round and it can be combined with other food supplements without problems. Up to now, no negative side effects of Spirulina are known.

How to use


Adults: 6 – 10 tablets daily. Children: 1 – 3 tablets daily.

If you are just starting to take Spirulina, build up the dose gradually: For the first two days, take 1 tablet daily. For the next two days, take 2 tablets daily. For the following two days take 3 tablets daily, etc., until you reach the required dosage.

Take the tablets with water just before meals.

When slimming, take the tablets with a large glass of water half an hour before meals.

You can either take the daily intake all at once in the morning, or in divided doses spread over the course of the day. I

t is better not to take any Spirulina in the evening. Otherwise you will be too active when you want to sleep. It is certainly a solution if you have to work late into the night, or if you are going out on the town.

Tip: Drink plenty of water every day. This supports your body’s natural cleansing processes


Inci Ingredients

!00% Pure Spirulina


Customer Reviews (3)


35-44, Female
ExcellentReview by May
I have noticed improved energy levels and my hair and nails have become stronger and are growing faster. So easy to take on an empty stomach first thing in the morning which I like. (Posted on 24/03/2018)
S East

35-44, Female
A really good supplementReview by Helen
This products has really lifted my energy levels and, as I have been changing my diet to eating less meat it gives me the B12 and protein and iron I was concerned I might be missing. I will definitely carry on with this. (Posted on 19/01/2018)

35-44, Male
big impactReview by James
I hadn't taken spirulina before and went straight to about 7 a day then started to have stomach cramps (though not severe). I stopped taking this and the cramps went. I started again and built up slowly and now am back on 7 a day with no problems, in fact it's really helping my energy levels and coping with shift work. I would recommend following the instructions if you are new to spirulina. (Posted on 08/08/2017)

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