By Ilan Azouri, founder of Conscious Water

For thousands of years Australian Aborigines have used flowers to heal emotional imbalances and physical injuries. Flower Essences were also used in Ancient Egypt, as well as India, Asia, Europe and South America. Although flowers have been used for healing for many centuries, flower essences in their modern form were first developed in the 1930’s by an English physician, Dr. Edward Bach. He prepared 38 remedies, mostly from English wildflowers.

Flower essences capture the pure energy imprint of a flower in water, there is no physical part of the flower in the essence, only its gentle but powerful energy. Flower essences effortlessly balance and release negative thoughts and beliefs, focus attention and support better sleep. The fresh, dew-filled blossoms are gathered in the early morning of a clear, sunny day. Floating on the surface of a bowl of water, they are irradiated by the warmth and light of the sun for several hours. This process creates an energetic imprint of the energy pattern of the flower in the water, embodying the healing elements of that plant. 

Why these powerful flower essences are used in Conscious Water

  • Narcissus dispels worry and overthinking and Grape Hyacinth promotes calm and the ability to relax.  Wake up refreshed and ready to go and drift into a peaceful and replenishing sleep easily and effortlessly. Found in Sweet Dreams.
  • Fucshia is for light hearted re-creation and Snowdrop for willpower, determination and perseverance.  Use any time you want more energy and stamina to finish a task – physical or mental. Feel ready and able to tackle anything. Found in Rejuvenation.
  • Snowberry helps you to be present in the moment and Easter Lily is for authentic self-expression.  Lily of the Valley is for simplicity and innocence. Feel the presence of love and ignite the spark in your heart. Found in Love.
  • Nootka Rose is for expressing love of life, laughter and joy and Purple Magnolia for enhancing all the senses, this enhancer will cultivate deep appreciation of being in your physical body. Express the joy of being in the here and now. Found in Happiness.
  • Blue Camas supports optimal use of both the intuitive and rational parts of our brain and Blue Lupin helps us to focus on what is important and prioritize actions. Stay focused and attentive whether it is a tough business negotiation or the ability to learn a new skill, or giving your clear and undivided attention to a family member or friend. Found in Clarity.    
  • Wallflower is for improved sharing and communication and Twin Flower promotes compassion for others. Serenity enhances your ability to be seen and heard as well as to be able to see and hear others. 

Conscious Water are uplifting flower essences for water. Drink them daily to help you feel happier, healthier and calmer from within. They come as six subtly-flavoured positive intentions: Love, Happiness, Sweet Dreams, Rejuvenate, Clarity, and Serenity. Just choose your intention then bend a sophisticated sachet to release the empowering elixir into your water – and life!

Beautifully packaged and filled with purely positive energy, they can benefit everyone.

A perfect gift for someone special

  • a busy woman balancing work and life
  • a mum that needs some TLC
  • a yoga-loving, health-conscious friend who doesn’t drink sugar 
  • a meaningful gift for your loved one

100 % natural

No artificial colours

No chemicals

No artificial preservatives

The gift – rebalancing energy of flowers